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Learn More About Our Handpicked Materials For Linen Bedding

Learn More About Our Handpicked Materials For Linen Bedding
We truly live in a world where most of us are spending a significant amount of time thinking what we eat (we choose organic and non-GMO), what we drink (we go for alkaline water to stay hydrated), how fit we are (we sweat at the gym), we even choose non-toxic cosmetics when we can.
But do we actually spend time thinking what we are surrounded by, what we constantly inhale, what our skin gets into contact most of the time?
We spend half of our lives sleeping, and the quality of sleep directly impacts all of the areas in our lives. Let linen bedsheets elevate your sleeping experience to another level - once you go linen, you can never go back.
Here are the reasons you won't regret choosing our bedding:
• Our linen bedding is made from hand-selected premium, ultra-soft, stonewashed linen handmade by European artisans.
• Naturally anti-bacterial and pathogen-resistant: thanks to its inherent wicking and moisture-retention properties, it can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in water without feeling wet. This in turn, inhibits bacterial growth and makes linen a highly sanitary choice.
• OEKO-TEX® certified: our linen fabric has been tested and is certified safe for human use and free of harmful chemicals.
• Hypoallergenic: Linen itself is naturally hypoallergenic and skin-friendly, which is why it is often used for bandages dating all the way back to the ancient Egyptians.
• Adapts to temperature: Linen fabric keeps you cool in summer and cozy in winter, making your sleep deeper and healthier.
• Easy care for effortless look: skip ironing for effortless, relaxed, wrinkled look which is what linen is all about.
• Extra durable: due to the strong natural flax fibers used to construct it, linen fabric ages well and in fact, gets softer even after it is cleaned and washed repeatedly.
• Sustainable and environmentally friendly: while being one of the most sustainable fibers in the world, the entire flax plant can be woven into a fiber (less waste!) and it needs less water than cotton to grow.